Jameis Winston Heals Public Image Working With Various Crab-Related Charities


By Andre Pegeron

TALLAHASSEE, FL — This offseason, he’s not just rehabbing his shoulder. As Jameis Winston gently strokes the shell of a nearby horseshoe crab, he opens up: “I never really understood what these guys were all about until I came here.”

While many have labelled the former Florida State Seminole a “bad boy” due to his shoplifting violation that was in no way, shape, or form him trying to flout bizarre NCAA rules and protect his eligibility by pretending to steal seafood he was getting for free, the New Orleans backup quarterback is trying to make a difference among the community he harmed in his past. Yes, the crab community.

“Claw Pals” shirt clinging to his athletic physique, Winston has spent upwards of ten hours a week at the suburban facility, which describes itself as “a crustacean haven,” “like the humane society, but less cute,” and “not at all weird, people really do care about crabs.” At press time, Winston was reportedly trying to feed the crabs W’s.

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