New LA Rams’ Logo Designed by “Doug From Accounting”


LOS ANGELES- The Rams’ decision to update their look has a surprising origin: their accounting department.

It all started with a late night conversation between GM Les Snead and payroll expert Doug Flutenhorse.

“One night it was just Doug and me in the office and he said ‘you know I’ve been taking some graphic design classes at night?’ So I told him ‘prove it.’ And he did.”

Doug, for his part, is humble about the whole experience. “It was pretty weird actually. I don’t know, Les is always super weird with me. I haven’t even been taking graphic design classes. He just keeps bringing up how he thinks we were lovers in a past life and I was trying to change the subject before he took off his shirt again.”

Says Snead: “I keep telling Doug he’s special. He’s capable of doing so much more. And when I saw that sketch I knew I was right. It was just this perfect thing of beauty. So I decided to overhaul everything. Make it the official team logo. Show it to the world. Make Doug feel supported, cared for, fully seen. That’s what you do for those you love.”


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